15A) Oleo Mac GSH560 Chainsaw

 Oleo Mac 560 Chainsaw 

GSH 560 is a new range of chainsaws, for HOBBY and FARMER use, with exclusive design, best in class performances and durable features.

Product Features


  • High flywheel diameter (Ø 100 mm), tongues with new geometry designed to guarantee smoother operation of engine and optimize engine cooling even in adverse weather conditions (high temperatures).
  • Oregon Cutting System: GSH 560 (bar 20 “- .325 or 3/8 x .058 pitch chain)
  • Aluminium adjustable oiler: facilitates the task of the operator by allowing variation of the oil feed, according to the nature of use and the bar/chain combination; zero oil flow with the engine at idling speed ensures lower consumption and reduced impac
  • Lateral chain tensioner: simplifies tensioning adjustments while avoiding any risk of contact with the chain.
  • The adoption of a fuel tank separated from the body of the machine protects the fuel from the heat of the engine, that favors the good operation of the machine in every environmental condition and of job.
  • Filter cover with knob: inspection and replacement of air filter and spark plug with no tools required.
  • Nylon mesh filter surface: easier to clean and extended lifetime.
  • Anti-vibration system utilizing 1 spring damper and 5 rubber stops with hands and body completely isolated from machine vibrations, the operator benefits through increased comfort.
  • Automatic lever starter: a single command for activation of semi-acceleration.
  • “Primer”: fuel mixture is drawn actively into the carburettor to facilitate starting from cold, after refuelling and following long idle periods.
  • Reinforced muffler designed to reduce noise emissions even at maximum rpm.
Displacement 3.5HP / 55.5cc
Weight 5.0KG
Bar length 51 cm/20"
Chain (pitch x gauge) .325x058
Oil pump Automatic / adjustable
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.26 L/ 0.55 L
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.26 L/ 0.55 L

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